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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Would Emily Dickinson Do? (WWEDD?)

If the great visionary poets were alive today, what would they be doing?

No doubt, William Blake would have his own website. It would be filled with lots of drawings of scary looking beings. You wouldn't be able to contact William because he doesn't want email from any one of this world.

John Keats would have an iPad, a Twitter account, be active on Linkedin and contribute to Kiva.  And his Facebook postings would rant against the "Prim Rose" poets... those who insist we dote upon them and who try to convince us that their really, really bad behavior is creative genius.

Emily Dickinson would surly blog. It would be called: My Amherst Slant.  She would read all the great newspapers on line and would write every day.  My bet is you would not be able to post a comment.

But if you backchanneled her--and if you were sincere and not a fool--she just might email you back.

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