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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Not Poetry?

Those of you who know me know I have more questions than I have answers. You also know that I am passionate about poetry and its role in our culture.

As with so much in life, if we don't define what our literary culture is and should be--if we don't define its value and declare its importance--then, I assure you, it will be--it has been-- defined for us.

Surely, you can see that.

So let's talk, okay?  

The Poetic Converation:
(a proposed list of a few items to be considered in this space)

Whose Poetry Is It Anyway?
A 21st Century Definition of Poetry
Poetry and The Cultural Conversation
Image v. Reality: American Poetry Audiences
What Responsibility Do Poets Have to Poetry Audiences? to Publishers
Ten Statements You Will Never Read In a Contemporary Poetry Book Review
Best Poetry Books on Poetry
Poetry, Self-Promotion and The Public Relations (or What Would Walt Whitman Do to "Sing Himself")
Creating a Realistic Creative Process
How to Develop an Audience for Poetry
Easy-Peasy Poetry: Why Bother?
Book Shelf Recommends
Why Audiences Leave the Room
Great Poetry Begins  Local: Five Objectives for For You, The Cultural Citizen
Poetry and You: How to Begin and What To Do Next (an on-going series for those who write--or want to write)

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