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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Apologizing for the Rain:" Lois Roma-Deeley & Beth Shadur

The voice is this poem is every woman. I have seen her in the supermarket, at the bank, near the coffee shop and always, always, she is saying "sorry sorry sorry" for everything and anything. She says "sorry" before, during and after any and all fill-in-the-blank occurrences.

I have seen her...and I have been her.

This poem can be found in northSight, my second collection of poetry.

Below is another visual artwork Beth Shadur created in response to this poem.  I will post the painting as well as the poem here. 

For more  on our collaborations, please visit

"Apologizing for the Rain"
Lois Roma-Deeley (from northSight, 2006)

I'm sorry          The sky wouldn't listen to me      /the bakery  was  closed
sorry I bumped         into your shoulder         stepped on both your shoes/
I'm  sorry//the   wind   gets  in  your  eyes/some  voices like  to  screech//
sorry//really/so sorry   I   didn't   think   to    cook  your bacon/  the lawn
is still     unmowed    And I inconsiderately  was taken with an urge to let  
it go     sorry     I  use up all the air      sorry       I take up too much space
I/am/sorry/your mother didn't love you  and  your  father was  a  jerk  so
very sorry      that       car       ran    through    the      red   light/sorry/that
saleman  knocked  on your  front  door/    sorry    /those kids chalked up
the sidewalk/a nun  came collecting for the poor      sorry       you're still
yawning   that  the  water  isn't  cold   that  the  world  owes you a living
and I didn't even know.

Apologizing for the Rain
Beth Shadur
mixed media
36" x 38"

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